Wireless Transmitter & Receiver for Outdoor Application!
- No more cables between camera and DVR!
- Digital MPEG4 Video(AHD: 720p/960p or IP: Up to 4K) Transmit & RS485
- Hopping System With Multi Channel Frequency (2.4GHZ)
- Long distance by 3dB Di-pole(100meters) or patch antenna (7dB,14dB,18dB OVe 100meters to 4Kms).
- Input Power:DV12V(same as analog CCTV Camera Power)
- Compact size with wall mount bracket attached for screws.
- Aluminium Diecasting Case for outdor application.
- Remote control to the PTZ camera by digital wireless from DVR/NVR(Joystic Keyboard)
(Local and remote by network.)

Wireless Transmitter (AHD/IP)

  • Main Features of wireless transmitter

    Wireless transmitter for AHD Cameras(720/960p) or IP Camera( up to 4K) by point to point technology that does not require network.

    By using diapole antenna (up to 100meters) or patch antenna( over 2K meters with 7dB,14dB,18dB) now high resolution video and data can transmitter long distance without network system.

    Standard DC12V power input is same as standard CCTV cameras power input voltage.


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